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Online Safety Tips

Try to keep computers in a central place like your living area or lounge. It makes it easier for you to keep an eye on your children’s activities when they are close by.

Educate your kids
Teach online safety. It's impossible to always monitor your children's activity. They need to know how to use the Internet safely and responsibly when they are on their own.

We recommend children only use webcams with friends and family. Don't go on chat sites that randomly connect you with other webcam users.

Sharing information
Be careful about what information you share online if you are instant messaging, blogs, facebook, etc. The person you think you're talking to or sharing information with, may in fact be someone completely different.

Don't give out your e-mail address online or subscribe to sites unless you are sure they are a reputable website. Also never give out your mobile phone number or home phone number.

Be careful where you download software, music, or any files from as viruses and malware hide themselves in harmless looking files, and could end up infecting your computer. In saying this, we suggest you always keep your antivirus software up to date. More information about free anti-virus software including AVG Free can be found at the Delete Virus website.

Internet Filtering Software
We highly recommend the additional layer of protection which comes in the form of internet filtering software. Web content control software is installed onto your computer which gives parents full control of how children access the internet. Kids Watch is the most widely used software and is supported on many devices including Android, Windows, Mac, iPads and iPhones.


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