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Google SafeSearch

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Safe Find? maintains its own database of keywords, phrases and websites to block adult images and websites from your search results. For extra protection, we also utilize Google's filtered Strict Safe Search technology.

What is Safe Search?
Google Safe Search is an adult filter which blocks adult websites from your Google Search results. Safe Find uses strict filtering which filters sexually explicit video and images from Google Search result pages, as well as results that may link to explicit content.

Why are there are so many copycat websites to ?
There will always be copycat sites to popular websites, but will always be the original. You will also find they do not use their own database of keywords and website addresses and only rely on Google Safe Search alone to filter adult websites. Without the extra protection of maintaining your own database of keywords and websites, many adult sites can get past the filter.

Can I search from my browsers' Search Toolbar?
Yes, If your Internet Explorer, Firefox, or compatible browser has a blue arrow on the search toolbar, simply click it and choose to add Safe Find.

Is it safe to use your image search?
Yes, Safe Find's image search is set to strict filtering which will block adult related images from your search results. Simply search for your image with standard search and then click the 'image' tab at the top. In saying this, we highly recommend visiting our Safety Tips Page for more information on Online Safety for kids.

Is Safe Find recommended for schools?
Yes, in fact, many schools currently use Safe Find as the default homepage on their school computers.

What is the advantage of using Safe Find?
You can set Safe Find as your homepage and your Google searches will always have Google Safe Search forced on your search results.

I already have adult blocking software/hardware. Should I still use Safe Find?
Most definitely. Safe Find is the perfect addition to any adult filters and in fact, a lot of filters set Safe Find as the default search on their client computers.

Is it free to use Safe Find?
Yes, completely free. No registration required.

Were you once known as
Yes we were, but we changed our name due to issues with Googles program policy back in 2009.

Are you Google Inc.?
No, we are not affiliated directly with nor endorsed by Google.

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