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Google SafeSearch

About Us

Safe Find is a Google safe search engine. We use Google's filtered SafeSearch technology which removes adult websites and images from your search results. This means your Google Search results will always have Strict Safe Search enabled by default. So if children turn off the SafeSearch option within the Google settings, Safe Find will override that setting and force strict SafeSearch back on whenever a search is performed within our website.

Unfortunately no adult filter can be 100% accurate so Safe Find has created and maintains a database of key words, phrases and adult website URL's to work alongside Google's SafeSearch technology. This gives our users added protection against explicit adult related content, videos and images on the internet.

Even with the extra protection of Safe Find's database, we encourage teaching children the importance of internet safety. The internet is obviously a great learning tool for our future generations, but it can also be quite harmful for young minds if they are misguided by content that is not recommended for children.

We strive to make the internet a safe place for children, so please contact us if you find any adult content that may get past our filter and one of our team will first review the website and then block it from appearing in our search results.

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